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I’ve been to combat in Iraq 3 times and I am proud of my service to my country.  Riding my motorcycle is a big part of my life, I ride almost every day and I incorporate my children into that so that hopefully one day they too will find joy in the open road.

    • Melinda Ruch
    • November 27th, 2010

    I just wanted to let you know, I am writing about you for my college Psych paper. It’s regarding post traumatic stress disorder. I wanted to say thank you for being one of the few brave enough to try to share your story with the world and helping us understand better. I am truly amazed at how well you are doing with life and really overcoming your ptsd! I am a single parent as well I know that sometimes it can be your kids that help you through the hardest parts of life. Good luck and keep going strong!

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