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Making Food with my Children

Wednesday night I took my kids to the store and we bought some heavy whipping cream, some pure vanilla extract, and some organic sugar cane sugar.  You see where I’m going with this?

As I began to cook dinner I asked them if they wanted to help me make some home-made whipping cream and brownies to go with it.  They of course, were ecstatic.  They fought and bickered over the turn to mix first.  Little did they know that I do not own an electric mixer so with a wisk I had them take turns whipping the cream until it formed some nice soft peaks.  Well you may not know this but it took the 3 of us about an hour to finally get it done.  Heavy cream has this magical nature to go one minute from a liquid to the next into this delicious whipping cream.

We also made butter that night.  Fresh butter where we put some heavy cream into a sealed container.  I had my kids take turn shaking it.  That change was even more dramatic.  Watching their faces as they saw it go from a frothy liquid to a complete solid and some milk.  we opened the container and saw a complete separation of the butter and the milk.  I poured the milk into a small glass and let them both taste it.  It was delicious and we added a pinch of salt to the butter and that too was delicious.

One hour of my time and my kids now have this incredible memory of creating something delicious by themselves.  It is very rewarding to know as a child that you have the potential to succeed like that.  I just wanted to share this story with all of you because it was a wonderful night for us and any other parents out there (single or otherwise) may want to try this little easy thing with their young ones to create a delicious snack that your kids can take pride in having created through a little hard work.

Homework and dinner

Yeah, so as a single dad I end up grilling out quite a bit.  For tonight it was burgers with some colby jack cheese but unfortunately I forgot to get buns.  Luckily I had some rye bread handy.  Kids learn to enjoy all kinds of food when you introduce it to them in a way where they have to try it rather than offer them easy ways out.  I don’t ever use white bread and my kids love things that other kids don’t, like avocados, muscles, and artichoke.

My son was in the middle of doing his homework and I had to convince him to smile (by threatening to post a sillier picture of him instead of this one).