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The 3rd year of the Renaissance Festival in Tampa

Life sure has been busy; I’ve been away from things for quite a while.  Going to night school, being a single father, and working fulltime take their toll.  I was fortunate enough to be able to take kind of a working vacation recently so I do feel a bit recharged; however, I am ready to be done with my school courses.  Last weekend I took my children to the Renaissance Festival here once again (this is our 3rd year in a row).  We had a blast.  My son found himself (now that he is finally a teenager) ogling the girls, and my daughter and I had fun playing with all the medieval toys and puzzles.  We spent almost seven hours there eating, playing, and watching all the amazing shows.


The Knights were awesome, they had full contact jousting, breaking their lances on each other and smashing their swords into their opponent’s full plate mail.  We watched as their Clydesdales around the arena also dressed in full plate armor.  I was selected by the King and Queen to pose in the “Men in Kilts” calendar, so if I end up making the cut I will post the link to purchase them on my blog here.  Overall it was an amazing experience.  I love how I am building multi-year traditions with my children; I feel that this will be a cherished memory by both me and my kiddos.


Just some pics I have been taking…

My Thanksgiving Trip to see my Father in North Carolina

I decided against my sane mind to ride my Honda 919 up to North Carolina from Sunny Florida to visit my father and younger siblings for Thanksgiving.  It was COLD, but I had an amazing time.  Here are some of the pics, enjoy:

R2D2 for Halloween

My daughter wanted to be R2D2 for Halloween so we made it from a trashcan

Things you can fit in Cortech Sport Bags

I have on my Honda 919 a set of Cortech Sport Bags and here are a few things that you can fit in them (I know this because I have carried these things)

a pineapple

gallon of milk

carton of eggs


ahi tuna

12 pack of beer

workout clothing

couple days worth of clothing and toiletries


Not all at once mind you, but at one time or another I have had such things in my bags 🙂

Soccer Practice

Jake (my son) has soccer practice today, my ex wants me to drop off my daughter but I’d rather keep her here with me so we can swap stories and have fun at soccer.

Speaking of stories I have an introduction for one I have been thinking about. Oh, and of course there is that Bull with confetti horns thing I have had in my head.

Currently we are all sitting here here watching Dr. Who. Great show by the way. Yeah, I know this post is random but that’s how a single dad with ADHD operates…