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Breakfast, Soccer and Manatees on the Weekend

So here are the pics from my weekend with the kids, some breakfast, soccer, and manatees on a Single dad weekend with my kids:

My Weekend

This weekend blew by.  Friday night we spent it going out to eat at Applebees and after that a wonderful evening of watching Little Shop of Horrors.  I haven’t seen that movie in years and my kids loved it.  I had completely forgotten that Rick Moranis was even in it, let alone the main character.  Saturday morning my son had his soccer game which they lost but I would have to say he played his best during that game that he has played all season.  We spent the afternoon at my friend Daniel’s house with his wife and him for a cookout and to have our dogs all play together.  In all we had 5 dogs there (my Benny and their 3 dogs and their friend’s dog).  It was good fun.  Saturday night we watched Paul Blart Mall Cop (and yes, I am reluctant to admit that it was a decent family movie).  I woke up bright and early Sunday morning and we spent the afternoon fishing on the Skyway Pier but alas fate was not in our favor.  We caught not a single fish…

My ex picked up my son early so that I could take my daughter on a motorcycle ride.  We did about 50 miles and then stopped at Buffalo Wild Wings to have dinner.  All in all it was a wonderful weekend.  Yeah, my kids have their own moto gear, helmet, gloves, jacket and all…

Wed Night Soccer

So with all the holidays over I am finally getting back in the swing of things. these mid week nights where I get to keep my kids overnight are little treasures in my schedule. times where I can forget about all the other stress in my life and focus on my kids. Focus on my son’s soccer practice, a family dinner, and a short run with my kids.

As I sit here I can hear the other moms (yeah I am part of the soccer mom croud I suppose) griping about ex’s, bills, finances, and their jobs. I just sit here happy. Like I said, these nights are when I get to see my kids in the middle of their week and they are my treasure.

Saturday Soccer

Soccer Saturday, I’m publishing this with my iPhone live from the end of the game.  My son’s team lost 2-0 but he had many attempts on goal.  The highlight of the game was his penalty kick he took that hit the crossbar of the goal and bounced out.  We had to register late because I was deployed so he is not playing on his usual competitive league.  I explained to him how this gives him a opportunity to help those kids who haven’t been playing soccer as long as he has out by showing and mentoring them.

He is doing great though.  This was their 1st game so they can take what they learned and use it to enhance their skills.

Oh, and on the video I mistakenly say that he scored… Oh, well, better luck next time right?

Soccer Practice

Jake (my son) has soccer practice today, my ex wants me to drop off my daughter but I’d rather keep her here with me so we can swap stories and have fun at soccer.

Speaking of stories I have an introduction for one I have been thinking about. Oh, and of course there is that Bull with confetti horns thing I have had in my head.

Currently we are all sitting here here watching Dr. Who. Great show by the way. Yeah, I know this post is random but that’s how a single dad with ADHD operates…