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My children

This weekend we saw dragon boats, we made art and we ate delicious food.  My children are what keeps me going.  I miss them so much when they are with their mother but at the same time I know that she misses them just as much when they are with me.  My daughter is every bit as daring as I ever was, hell, she climbed a lamp-post when I had my back turned for a minute.  My son is sarcastic and intelligent as I remember being as a young pre-teen.  He can keep up with you in a discussion and his wit can often get him into a little trouble 😉
These are my children.  I love them, they are every bit a part of me as is my own arm.  I am proud of them and grateful to God for allowing someone such as myself to be able to have such wonderful children in my life.  I am a proud father, a man who wants to be the best he can be so that his children can one day grow up and remember me as a positive influence in their lives.  I love them.

A little more to the story

I added a little more to my short story:

Tell me what you think…

My Idea

Genetically engineer a bull (yes a real bull) that has party favor horns that shoot confetti

This bull would get upset and stomp his hoof and then his horns would roll up and then shoot out confetti and this would piss him off even more until it was an endless rage cycle of confetti, sweat, and party favor sounds (high pitched Brrrr / whirrrr kind of sound)

I have had this thought in my head starting some time in 2005/2006 until now…