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My Thanksgiving Trip to see my Father in North Carolina

I decided against my sane mind to ride my Honda 919 up to North Carolina from Sunny Florida to visit my father and younger siblings for Thanksgiving.  It was COLD, but I had an amazing time.  Here are some of the pics, enjoy:

Key West, FL Motorcycle Trip April 2010

So I took a trip with 2 of my co-workers to Key West.  It was 806 miles round trip and it was amazing.  I saw so many wonderful things and had a blast riding through such awe inspiring terrain.  Here are some photos of my trip, I hope you can get a taste of what I saw.  Oh and all was good until the last 20 miles when the rain hit me 😦  It was pretty bad, but lucky for me it was at the very end of my trip.

Tarpon Springs Greek Sponge Docks Moto Ride

So I got up this morning and thought it was such a lovely day (albeit a cold one) for a motorcycle ride.  I got my gear on, and set my sights on a trip south of Tampa on I-75, across the Sunshine Skyway Bridge and on over to St. Pete.  From there I took Hwy 19 north towards Tarpon Springs.  Before going to the Sponge docks I stopped at a Greek flea market and looked around for a bit then spotted an Antique car show as I was riding by so of course I had to pull a U turn and check out the muscle cars.  From there is was on to the Sponge Docks of  Tarpon Springs.  At a place called Hellas I ate some Saganaki and a Gyro, took a couple pics and headed home by going just a little farther north on Hwy 19 and then over to Hwy 41 all the way home.  Here are some videos and pics of my trip.  Enjoy

Click Here for the Pics!!!

More Moto

More moto pics… I was over at Davis Island and took some pics. Yeah, you may be tired of them but I sure do love riding!

My Weekend

This weekend blew by.  Friday night we spent it going out to eat at Applebees and after that a wonderful evening of watching Little Shop of Horrors.  I haven’t seen that movie in years and my kids loved it.  I had completely forgotten that Rick Moranis was even in it, let alone the main character.  Saturday morning my son had his soccer game which they lost but I would have to say he played his best during that game that he has played all season.  We spent the afternoon at my friend Daniel’s house with his wife and him for a cookout and to have our dogs all play together.  In all we had 5 dogs there (my Benny and their 3 dogs and their friend’s dog).  It was good fun.  Saturday night we watched Paul Blart Mall Cop (and yes, I am reluctant to admit that it was a decent family movie).  I woke up bright and early Sunday morning and we spent the afternoon fishing on the Skyway Pier but alas fate was not in our favor.  We caught not a single fish…

My ex picked up my son early so that I could take my daughter on a motorcycle ride.  We did about 50 miles and then stopped at Buffalo Wild Wings to have dinner.  All in all it was a wonderful weekend.  Yeah, my kids have their own moto gear, helmet, gloves, jacket and all…

So, I changed my 2007 Honda 919 Oil for the first time

Here are the pics.  I used some very helpful Youtube videos to do this.

I used shell rotella t 15w40 for my Honda 919

Things you can fit in Cortech Sport Bags

I have on my Honda 919 a set of Cortech Sport Bags and here are a few things that you can fit in them (I know this because I have carried these things)

a pineapple

gallon of milk

carton of eggs


ahi tuna

12 pack of beer

workout clothing

couple days worth of clothing and toiletries


Not all at once mind you, but at one time or another I have had such things in my bags 🙂

Frame sliders and my kids

Just put my frame sliders on my bike the other day, see here if you aren’t sure what those are (near bottom of page).  I was showing them off to my kids and figured it was time for a little photo opportunity.

Single Dad

I can imagine that there are more of us out there than we let on, us you ask? Yes, the single father. We do things a little different than the single mom. Our kids love us for our rough around the edge nature and for the things we end up teaching them about life. The intent of this blog is to do just that, to tell a little of my life and all the aspects of being a single father, Iraq war vet, motorcycle rider, and and explorer of the mundane.

A little about me, I love to cook, to ride my motorcycle (yes, even with my kiddos), I write short stories, play video games, love Robots and Zombies (marvel zombies is an awesome comic). I struggle every week to do the best for my kids all the while attempting to understanding the world from the standpoint of the single father.