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The New Super Heroes Are Coming to Internets Near You!

The world is at stake, we need new heroes.  Who will provide them. Where do heroes come from? Will they save us?

These questions and more will be answered in the as yet un-named comic book being created by Zach and Kids in the massive collaborative art project utilizing paint, intellect and imagination.

An object is heading towards earth, its scale is massive and it is as yet undetected.  How can this be? Even in this modern age something of this size could go through our atmosphere with no notice as it smashes into the mountains and leaks its innards onto this planet.  What does it contain? How will this alien substance affect us?  As strange things begin to happen and as new villans and heroes compete for the fate of the planet we must ask, will we be saved? Will what is left be worth saving?

Stay tuned for this amazing Comic book coming to the internets near you!

Zach & Kids…