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Tarpon Springs Greek Sponge Docks Moto Ride

So I got up this morning and thought it was such a lovely day (albeit a cold one) for a motorcycle ride.  I got my gear on, and set my sights on a trip south of Tampa on I-75, across the Sunshine Skyway Bridge and on over to St. Pete.  From there I took Hwy 19 north towards Tarpon Springs.  Before going to the Sponge docks I stopped at a Greek flea market and looked around for a bit then spotted an Antique car show as I was riding by so of course I had to pull a U turn and check out the muscle cars.  From there is was on to the Sponge Docks of  Tarpon Springs.  At a place called Hellas I ate some Saganaki and a Gyro, took a couple pics and headed home by going just a little farther north on Hwy 19 and then over to Hwy 41 all the way home.  Here are some videos and pics of my trip.  Enjoy

Click Here for the Pics!!!


A little more to the story

I added a little more to my short story:

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More Moto

More moto pics… I was over at Davis Island and took some pics. Yeah, you may be tired of them but I sure do love riding!

Lessons from my mother

I don’t know where to begin.  I feel partly lost, partly sad, and also committed.  Looking back on my life I can see clearly that I do not trust others to catch me when I am hurting or hold me when I need support.  I have learned over the years that you can’t trust someone to do that for you, the time when you need it they will be too busy, won’t care, or will simply let you down.  The only person you can trust is yourself.  I learned this lesson at a very young age from my mother.  I can’t say that she never taught me anything; she taught me how to survive in a very cruel world, taught me that nobody will protect you.

I want to create a different legacy for my own children.  I won’t allow them to go through what I did, I will strive every day to show them what a caring parent is and how my kids should be treated and cared for.  I will protect them from the truly horrible things in this world but will allow them to learn to deal with the small injustices now to prepare them for the larger unfairness of life.  If by allowing my son and daughter to realize that homework is hard or that you don’t always get what you want, or to struggle to save and work for something you really want they will later be better equipped to deal with those problems on a larger scale (how to cope in a work environment, saving for what you want instead of instant gratification, dealing with a hard breakup, etc).

But for me that message seems ingrained.  It impacts my personal relationships, I stay behind the walls of my heart because those I love and those I have loved have always let me down.  I hope that in my life I can teach my children a different lesson than the harsh one my mother taught me.  I am a survivor, I will make it, but as for my children, they won’t merely survive I hope that I can allow them to thrive and to feel without having to guard their hearts.

Holidays are lonely

I miss my kids and it sucks on the weekends that I don’t have them over the holidays.  Last year was tough and this year should be better.  What do you do when you are alone on the holidays?  My kids are such a huge part of my life and splitting time over days like Christmas and the new year are hard…