The Race by my Daughter

the day i ran my first 5k race i was still sick.i felt fine the day before.on the day of the race i felt nervous and sickish, I thought that somebody was going to shoot a gun to get the race started.i had to wear this number paper on my clothes and a chip on my shoe.when it was time to start standing at the starting line I got even more nervous.i started talking to my dad while i was waiting for the man to say go.  As I was talking the guy said go.  So I ran.aftera minute I started coughing that slowed me down.after more minutes i was just coughing the energy out of me.jake probley had a lot of energy he was running way before dad and me he was just running then waiting for dad and wanted to run with jake for a minute  he saw Jake’s old soccer coach at the starting line so he let her watch me.  I got more tired every second.   Dad finally got back. I could not take it anymore my feet were killing me.  While I was running I felt something in my shoe I had to stop finally I did I took off my shoe and did my feet were numb but still I got up and trudged. I looked up i spotted the tunnel and I felt better because I was almost there.  My Dad and I ran because I wanted to beat the lady My foot hit the finish line and I knew that I had.  I was tired and proud for the rest of the day.

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