Tapestry of Life Story

This was the item he had requested but he was still surprised that it could be purchased on eBay so easily. Will it work? He wondered. It was supposed to be one of a kind and he got it for such a cheap price too. Carefully taking the suit out of the package it felt like black silky water flowing through his fingers. It was hard to hold onto and seemed almost alive in the way it shimmered and moved through his hands. The dang thing seemed to be too big as he held it next to his body but when he put it on somehow it was the right fit. Snug but not tight.

To understand what he was holding we must stop here and go back to old folk takes and myths. Legend had it that a piece of the gods’ tapestry of life was once stolen, just a small edge piece, not even noticeable to the god who was sewing it. Not until the finished piece came under the watchful and observant eye of the all god was that little minute scrap of cloth even noticed. At that time however, it was much too late. In a rage the all god cursed the one who had made it and banished him to walk the very tapestry of life he had created. This angered the now forgotten god who created such a piece of art. He was furious and vowed to find that cloth and fix the tapestry of life to return to his rightful place in the heavens. As with all things, in time the gods were forgotten and as belief waned do did their power until only their bones remained, forming the universe and all the possible destinations and dimensions on their massive dusty and bony surfaces.

This cloth now, it still retained the power from the very thing from which it was created, the tapestry of life.

Like I said, he was amazed at how perfectly the thing fit. His heart beat a bit faster as he tried to convince himself that this thing actually did have power. Looking at himself in the mirror he had trouble focusing on his own image. His eyes didn’t seem to want to look at the cloak, he would look at his face which was still exposed because he had not put the hood of the suit on yet, but his eyes would meet the reflection and then when he tried to focus on his body he would realize that he was looking at the wall behind him, or at the reflection of his computer monitor in the background, basically anything but his image.

This could be useful, he thought to himself. I think this thing might actually hold some kind of power. I bet my friends will think it is awesome. His mind was made up, he was going to walk outside to the park and see what kind of reactions he got. Putting the hood on, his face was completely hidden in the shadows of the suit. He hadn’t realized it but the thing had a long cloak behind him that seemed to swirl around when he walked, always in motion but not ever catching on anything. Like water droplets off of a duck’s back the fabric seemed to brush against anything and everything it went near but never knocked anything over. He shuddered as a thought struck him, almost like the thing he was wearing was alive and tasting everything around it. Shaking his head as he walked out of his apartment his mind was soon off on other tangents of thought as he walked near his older neighbor Mr. Hicks who was usually blunt in telling him how he needs to find a girlfriend or get a better job.

“Hello Mr. Hicks,” Paul said.

“Paul?” Mr. Hicks was looking everywhere but at Paul, his eyes didn’t seem to want to acknowledge that Paul was standing in front of him. “Hm… Must be hearing things.” Mr. Hicks said.

Without another thought Paul left Mr. Hicks in the hallway to see what else this thing was capable of. If you were to look at Paul on any other day you’d see an average 5’10” man who is 25, not too big but not exactly skinny either. His handful of friends enjoy the nerdiness he always brings around which is just part of his personality. Today however, you would not see such a man. If you could focus on him in this suit long enough to make a mental note you would notice that his face, if it was not shrouded in shadow, would show you the handsome man that Paul will become, and the next instant you would see wise old eyes looking at you from the face of an ancient Paul who has lived a long life, you would also see the boyish grin and chubby cheeked youth of Paul’s childhood. You see, this suit indeed was from the Tapestry of Life and because of this very fact you would see all of Paul’s life etched in his face from his birth to his death almost at the very same time as he wears this particular item of clothing. As he walked into the lobby of his apartment and out to the street on his way to the city park the only one who even noticed him was the janitor. He had been cleaning the elevator when Paul entered and unlike the other people who just couldn’t seem to notice Paul, for honestly who really notices the very cloth that life and existence was sewn in, the janitor was different. Jonathan Smith was his name, he was in his forties and when he was younger he had dropped out of college, and odd jobs like being the janitor or working security at the auto mall were all he seemed to be able to keep. He was not fond of people because he was different. He was blind in one eye from birth, the milky white of his dead eye never seemed to do anything but creep others out. On this particular day however, it was the first time that that eye ever focused on a thing. His good eye saw nothing but his blind milky dead eye saw Paul for what he was, saw him as a child and as an old man, saw every day of Paul’s life etched on his face in that minute long ride where they were both in the elevator together.

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