Veterans Day

Happy veterans day! Thank you dad for your service in Vietnam and thank all of you who served with me during our Iraq tours.

Having a lunch beer in your honor!

My Ride to and from work

So, I saw that there was a 70% chance of rain today but when I looked out my door this morning it was dry so I figured, hell… I’ll get to work dry at least.

That was true, but on the way home I got drenched and had my first ride on my Honda 919 in the pouring rain. I have ridden my last 2 motorcycles in some severe weather but today’s was the maiden voyage of my 919 in the rain. All in all it performed quite well. My saddle bags were nice and dry with their covers on.

Homework and dinner

Yeah, so as a single dad I end up grilling out quite a bit.  For tonight it was burgers with some colby jack cheese but unfortunately I forgot to get buns.  Luckily I had some rye bread handy.  Kids learn to enjoy all kinds of food when you introduce it to them in a way where they have to try it rather than offer them easy ways out.  I don’t ever use white bread and my kids love things that other kids don’t, like avocados, muscles, and artichoke.

My son was in the middle of doing his homework and I had to convince him to smile (by threatening to post a sillier picture of him instead of this one).

My Idea

Genetically engineer a bull (yes a real bull) that has party favor horns that shoot confetti

This bull would get upset and stomp his hoof and then his horns would roll up and then shoot out confetti and this would piss him off even more until it was an endless rage cycle of confetti, sweat, and party favor sounds (high pitched Brrrr / whirrrr kind of sound)

I have had this thought in my head starting some time in 2005/2006 until now…

Evening motorcycle ride

Rode my Honda 919 north of Tampa this evening. I’m somewhere close to Tarpon Springs and New Port Richey

Single Dad

I can imagine that there are more of us out there than we let on, us you ask? Yes, the single father. We do things a little different than the single mom. Our kids love us for our rough around the edge nature and for the things we end up teaching them about life. The intent of this blog is to do just that, to tell a little of my life and all the aspects of being a single father, Iraq war vet, motorcycle rider, and and explorer of the mundane.

A little about me, I love to cook, to ride my motorcycle (yes, even with my kiddos), I write short stories, play video games, love Robots and Zombies (marvel zombies is an awesome comic). I struggle every week to do the best for my kids all the while attempting to understanding the world from the standpoint of the single father.