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So I’m sitting here at USF (University of South Florida) for transfer student orientation.  I’m one of those military guys who has a bunch of college credit but no actual degree.  I’ve gone to 3 different schools… I figured it was time to settle down and just complete my BA.  In what you ask?  Yeah, I’ll tell ya when I know.  I have a bunch of language credits (I’m fluent in Arabic), a bunch of Psychology credits and that’s about it.  It is my first time in a brick and mortar institution, most of my time in high education has been spent doing online classes or in military college institutions (like the defense language institute).

So what am I feeling you ask?  Not overwhelmed but out-of-place may be more accurate.  I see so many young boys and girls here, freshmen or sophomores who are in their late teens or early twenties.  At least with the online classes I didn’t feel so old because they were impersonal and anonymous.   We shall see how I do.  I think that I can fit in here and it will be exciting to expand my horizons and options but for now I’ll be happy to sit here with my headphones on by my lonesome self rather than to mingle with those who I can no longer identify with (I am a 3 tour combat veteran, a single father of 2 and a full-time job).  Perhaps in time those connections will form.

    • Sheray
    • March 19th, 2010

    You feel that way, and you want ME to do it, too? I’m MUCH older than you, how out of place do you think I’d feel???

  1. It seems to me that the people around me are getting younger every year. In my mind I am still 18, and I act like it. However, when I get around the 20 somethings I feel really old.

  2. Hey, I hadn’t checked your old blog, A Soldier’s Thoughts,” in a while, so I’m just now catching up with you here.

    Good luck at USF! It’s my alma mater and a great school.

    Go Bulls!!

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