Tonight is Conan night

Nothing like watching some old classics with my kids.  Tonight we have Conan the Destroyer playing on the telly.  I wonder if my daughter will feel like there is too much male influence around her as she grows up.  I never play romance movies but hell, she gets enough of those type of movies with her mother.  She likes it though, likes these action movies and you know what?  Conan has some very strong female warriors in it as well.

She told me today that in science she is studying Space.  I was proud when she said that she stayed back during recess just to read more about outer space and NASA.  My son is very much into technology.  One thing I see with his generation however, is that they know how to use technology, but not how to do simple things like install drivers, replace ram or do the technical maintainance (like set up a wireless network) that I had to do growing up.  Perhaps it is because these days the different services (txt messages, facebook, myspace and such) are so user friendly that the younger generation will never have to actually set up a real web page, or understand a little bit of html, or java.  You just plug and play.  Damn, now I sound all old school nerd…

Someday I will be a grandpa and I will say such things like, back when I was a kid we had to use the dewey decimal system and encyclopedias and such…

In the meanwhile I suppose I will continue to share these action, zombie, and si/fi flicks with my kids and maybe a little bit of nerd will rub off of me and onto them.

    • Jerry T
    • February 18th, 2010

    Oh my God. You’re thinking of what you’ll be saying when you’re a grandparent & I just read you refer to that movie as a classic & it was made in 1984! When I was your age a classic was made before 1960 the year of my birth. Thanks now I feel every day of my age…I’ll get over it after a few moments of immaturity.
    You’re still a kid albeit one with more life experience than most of my friends & definitely me…you can’t help it if you have more responsibility on your back than half the people twice your age like me.
    It’s good for you. Look at the two not so little rewards you’ve gotten for it. The ones sitting there with you.
    Smart kids you’ve got old man. You must be doing something right.
    Classic…oh brother.

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