Why do I like superheroes?

Why do I like superheroes?  I like superheroes, I like comic books, i like these stories of these people who can do these things that nobody else can do.  I like a hero, I like an anti-hero even better in some ways.  I can identify with them, no not with their extraordinary powers but with the wish to do be like them, and the idea of the protector.  Especially the anti-hero.  The kind that can’t make it, they have such problems.  I remember one of my first favorite comic book heroes was Wolverine.  He is a mess, he has so many issues.  Psychological issues, pain, trauma, the ruthlessness of his life; but he is powerful and he is a protector.  Somewhere in my head I want to see myself like that.  In spite of all that has happened to me and all that I have been through I still see myself as a protector.  That is why I joined the military and why I am in the career I’m currently in.  As a father I’m fiercely protective of my kids but not overprotective.  I want them to grew up and have a better skill set at dealing and coping with life.

I look at the Comedian from the “Watchmen”.  What a horrible person this guy was.  He found humor in humanity, even in the most horrible aspects of it.  He got it, he understood that life and humanity was that bad.  Instead of letting this understanding destroy him; instead of all allowing how mean and horrible people were to each other destroy him he just understood.  He decided to protect in the ways he knew how to.  In his own way he was a ruthless and bloody protector.  What a fascinating story that was.  Then there was Rorschach, this mess of a 150 pound guy but who could fight with all his heart for the things he thought were good.  The aspect I don’t identify with him was his fierce  judgment of anyone and everyone unworthy.

I love my heroes, I like to think that somewhere inside of me there is something good because sometimes it doesn’t seem that way.  I like knowing that I watch out and try to protect those I love and even strangers.  Whether that be to help someone out with a flat tire or trying to raise my kids with a better set of skills than I ever got.  Superheros were important to me.  They were the stories I read as a young kid that gave me an idea of what the ideal way to live is.  I know that I won’t be bitten by a radioactive spider or have adamantium claws, but in-spite of all their shortcomings they helped people.  The acts they did, they helped people.  I hope that I can do that.  When humanity and my children judge my life I hope that they will see their dad as someone who was always there to protect them and someone who taught them that others are worth protecting.

Thats all I have to say on my superheroes.

  1. I like superheroes too! lol

    • jerryt
    • February 14th, 2010

    You’ll find out Superheros cry too — at your daughter’s wedding.

    • Felicia Green Oredsson
    • February 15th, 2010

    Superheroes is nice, I like them.

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