The Tampa VA Medical Center

Where do I begin? The VA is such a poorly run system for veterans, such paltry care with every air of indifference possible blatantly inferred upon us poor souls who seek care. It must be my fault, must be my fellow veteran’s faults for coming back from multiple tours of combat duty so broken both inside and out. I had a doctor tell me today that she didn’t have time for my scheduled appointment. This is the second time she has not shown up for a SCHEDULED appointment. Next I was seen for a second appointment and told that it was normal to have medical students sit in on my private sessions, what am I? Some teaching aid? No, I’m a soldier who has served his country with honor and who should be treated with honor. I don’t know if I will go back… Every time I go I am sick afterwards at the way the VA treats us. It is no wonder that my fellow veteran friends have only each other’s broken souls to lean on, because the VA simply doesn’t care…

    • Amy
    • February 2nd, 2010

    This was the 1st time you saw a medical student there???? VAs have always been the training grounds for medical and nursing schools. I did training 24 years ago in our VA…very sad…and this IS what gov run medicine is…you see, my friend, your fellow citizens are ok if our veterans are treated that way, but they would never tolerate it, maybe, even worse, they don’t know how our vets are treated….

    • Anon
    • April 11th, 2010

    This shouldn’t be happening. Go see the Patient Advocate (second floor, main hospital building next to the elevators by the credit union ATM) and tell them about the appointment issue.

    Also, the med students do need to learn before they are out and working with patients by themselves (that’s why they are there), but you don’t HAVE to let them sit in. The MD should respect your request not to have one present.

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