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Tarpon Springs Greek Sponge Docks Moto Ride

So I got up this morning and thought it was such a lovely day (albeit a cold one) for a motorcycle ride.  I got my gear on, and set my sights on a trip south of Tampa on I-75, across the Sunshine Skyway Bridge and on over to St. Pete.  From there I took Hwy 19 north towards Tarpon Springs.  Before going to the Sponge docks I stopped at a Greek flea market and looked around for a bit then spotted an Antique car show as I was riding by so of course I had to pull a U turn and check out the muscle cars.  From there is was on to the Sponge Docks of  Tarpon Springs.  At a place called Hellas I ate some Saganaki and a Gyro, took a couple pics and headed home by going just a little farther north on Hwy 19 and then over to Hwy 41 all the way home.  Here are some videos and pics of my trip.  Enjoy

Click Here for the Pics!!!


Making Food with my Children

Wednesday night I took my kids to the store and we bought some heavy whipping cream, some pure vanilla extract, and some organic sugar cane sugar.  You see where I’m going with this?

As I began to cook dinner I asked them if they wanted to help me make some home-made whipping cream and brownies to go with it.  They of course, were ecstatic.  They fought and bickered over the turn to mix first.  Little did they know that I do not own an electric mixer so with a wisk I had them take turns whipping the cream until it formed some nice soft peaks.  Well you may not know this but it took the 3 of us about an hour to finally get it done.  Heavy cream has this magical nature to go one minute from a liquid to the next into this delicious whipping cream.

We also made butter that night.  Fresh butter where we put some heavy cream into a sealed container.  I had my kids take turn shaking it.  That change was even more dramatic.  Watching their faces as they saw it go from a frothy liquid to a complete solid and some milk.  we opened the container and saw a complete separation of the butter and the milk.  I poured the milk into a small glass and let them both taste it.  It was delicious and we added a pinch of salt to the butter and that too was delicious.

One hour of my time and my kids now have this incredible memory of creating something delicious by themselves.  It is very rewarding to know as a child that you have the potential to succeed like that.  I just wanted to share this story with all of you because it was a wonderful night for us and any other parents out there (single or otherwise) may want to try this little easy thing with their young ones to create a delicious snack that your kids can take pride in having created through a little hard work.

A little more to the story

I added a little more to my short story:

Tell me what you think…

Tampa Bay Renaissance Fair

This is the second year that I have taken my kids to the Tampa Bay Renaissance Fair.  We had a blast!  Yeah, I bought a Kilt ( and my kids have some hand catapults that launch mini marshmallows.  My daughter got a Chinese String yo yo and my son decided on a more brutal spiked Ball and Chain.  Here are some pics and video, enjoy.

More Moto

More moto pics… I was over at Davis Island and took some pics. Yeah, you may be tired of them but I sure do love riding!

Help me build a network of single parents

Are you a single father or mother who is trying to figure out how to raise your kids?  Feeling lost and just want a group of people to go hang out with to talk about parenting ideas and kids?  I am a single dad who is trying to build a community together of other single parents who want to make the most for their children.  Mine are 12 and 8 and I love them with all my heart, you can read about it here at

So, I would like to build an online community in the Tampa Bay area devoted to the single parent and to finding events and activities to take our kids to, ideas about parenting, discussion groups and anything else that happens to come along.  I’m an active adult who honestly wants the best for my kids, if you are in the Tampa Bay area and feel the samethen please let me know at

Tonight is Conan night

Nothing like watching some old classics with my kids.  Tonight we have Conan the Destroyer playing on the telly.  I wonder if my daughter will feel like there is too much male influence around her as she grows up.  I never play romance movies but hell, she gets enough of those type of movies with her mother.  She likes it though, likes these action movies and you know what?  Conan has some very strong female warriors in it as well.

She told me today that in science she is studying Space.  I was proud when she said that she stayed back during recess just to read more about outer space and NASA.  My son is very much into technology.  One thing I see with his generation however, is that they know how to use technology, but not how to do simple things like install drivers, replace ram or do the technical maintainance (like set up a wireless network) that I had to do growing up.  Perhaps it is because these days the different services (txt messages, facebook, myspace and such) are so user friendly that the younger generation will never have to actually set up a real web page, or understand a little bit of html, or java.  You just plug and play.  Damn, now I sound all old school nerd…

Someday I will be a grandpa and I will say such things like, back when I was a kid we had to use the dewey decimal system and encyclopedias and such…

In the meanwhile I suppose I will continue to share these action, zombie, and si/fi flicks with my kids and maybe a little bit of nerd will rub off of me and onto them.