Stuck in an Elevator

Today my daughter got stuck in an elevator.  It was in the Urban Outfitters at Ybor city in Tampa florida.  I knew she had kind of snuck off to go use the elevator to go to the first story of this shop.  I let her go because it was a small store and I had used the elevator myself quite a few times during my visits there so I knew it would be no big deal.  that was until I heard her little voice yelling for me.  I thought at first that it was a game, that she wanted me to know where she was so she was yelling at me from the inside of the elevator but then I heard the panic.  I heard the panic and I saw that this wasn’t right. How could she be yelling at me from the 2nd story of this store but not have the doors open shortly after she spoke?
She wasn’t playing a game, she was stuck in an elevator.  I have read about people who have had this happens to, but never had someone I know actually been stuck in an elevator.  Hey honey, it’s me, daddy, I’m here.  Dad?  I can’t get out, the doors won’t open (the tears were close).  You’re doing really good lov.  She calmed down and as we spoke I asked her to try pushing the door open button as well as the other floor buttons.  Nothing was working.  I alerted the store and they called some elevator repair number as I stood outside of the elevator door and talked to my brave daughter.  I asked her if she saw the phone in the elevator.  She did and I talked her through the call process.
We both were frightened when the phone got really loud and stated: There is an ELEVATOR EMERGENCY at URBAN OUTFITTERS! and then rang the rescue service.  The whole process lasted about 30 to 40 minutes and the whole while I never left the door but I also didn’t get scared.  My daughter was so brave, but I knew that if I didn’t give her other things to think about the fear would return.  In the end the elevator guy arrived and stuck some long metal rod into a hole at the top of the door and it unlatched it and the elevator door opened.  My daughter was there smiling.  I took a picture of her with her rescuer.  We went on to lunch and had a good rest of the day.  I shook her hand and told her when she got out that I had never met anyone who had been stuck in an elevator so I wanted to shake her hand.
It is a little blurry but here it is:
  1. Another story to share as she grows up!

  1. January 23rd, 2010
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