My dream

Had a dream. It was some kind of horror story. There were three characters that were good and three that were bad.  The main bad guy was like this hunchback in a tight trench coat and a big set of keys on a key ring, he also had a top hat.  The main good guy thought that they were prepared to face the bad guys.  The main good guy had a girl with him and a disabled guy with them as well.  For some reason they were running from the bad guys.  As the good guys open this door the bad guys just overtake the good ones.  The girl gets bitten by the hunchback and her teeth fall out and he (the hunchback) puts them back in her.  She is now under his control.  The good guy gets his whole hand bitten off by the girl. It is now mangled and gone.  A 4th guy gets destroyed as well. The mentally ill man gets his foot mangled and the bad guys take off.  They leave in a carriage.  The good are left behind.  They try to find help in the town they are left in.  They don’t know where to go so they look for help and decide to follow after the carriage to see if there is any way to help the girl who is captive and under the bad man’s control.

  1. Whoa…dreams like that make me hope I get to find out what happens by dreaming the second part. It never happens, but I always have the same compulsion…

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