I’m excited!!!

Tonight is my first weekday night with the kids, we had a home-made chicken pot pie and then my daughter helped me make brownies for desert.  While the brownies were baking she and I ran a mile for training (my son was at soccer with my ex at that time).  We finished with some quality time playing Castle Crashers on Xbox360 followed by both kids reading and then shower and bed.

Tomorrow we shall really see if I have my ducks in a row when I wake them up and get them to school.  I’ll be a bit late for work but will make that up by working later.  I know this is mundane for most but I am excited, I feel like every day that goes by I am closer to being the kind of father I wish to be.  I know my kids love me, but I also know that I am hardest on myself so any shortcomings I have are magnified in my eyes.

wish me luck for my morning and for all you single fathers out there I want to let you know that life is so much more fulfilling when you play an active role in your children’s lives.  I have a surprise for my kids on Christmas eve by the way.  I’ll tell you how it goes after the fact.

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