Training for a Race

I decided that the kids and I would enter this race (the St Pete Times Forum Bolt Run).  When I told my kids about this they were both shocked.  We will be running the 5K and for those of you who are not sure how far that is it is only 3.1 miles.  While my son was at soccer tonight I took my daughter for her first training run.  She made it most of a mile without needing to stop too often or walk much.  When we finished I asked her if she could do that 3 times and she said heck no.

That is where I began to explain, I told her how we will do that each week 1-2 times and when it gets to where she doesn’t have any side ache or need to stop then she will be ready to run a little farther.  Over the weeks we will keep going until she and my son can make it all 3.1 miles without stopping much (if at all).  I’m excited and ready to run my first race with my children!

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