Times get tough

A lot has happened, I don’t want to be so negative but I am going through quite a bit.  For those of you who don’t know I pay my ex’s car payment, her mortgage, car insurance, and health insurance.  I can’t afford it anymore.

I have been paying over half my monthly pay.  I have to take care of my children too and I know that I wouldn’t pay that much in child support.  I explained that I can not afford to continue paying so much.

Tell me I am doing the right thing.  Over half my pay is ridiculous right?  I think so…

  1. Of course you’re right! Does she pay you child support for the time the children are with you?
    Does she pay for 1/2 of their expenses, food entertainment etc. When you have them? NO.
    Does she not work? This is the 21st century. She anything more than child support in a no fault divorce state is GRAVY.
    You’re paying for a mortgage for a house you no longer live in. Perhaps it’s time for her to downsize. Kids adjust very well. It’s not like she’d be tearing them from a house they’ve been in for 15 years. They do fine when they’re with you with a lot less right. Of course you do devote a lot of time to making a great deal of their time with you.
    And Car insurance? WHAT! OK for the kids sake fine. But they’re also the only ones you should feel responsible for insuring health-wise too.
    Kids don’t care about houses. When a couple divorces the husband shouldn’t be the only one who makes sacrifices unless perhaps he’s Tiger Woods.
    You are not.
    Who the hell can afford to live on half a salary & maintain a home fit for children, feed them & take care of everything else.
    No one.

    • Meridythe
    • December 14th, 2009

    $2100 a month on top of child support is crazy. I mean, it’s GREAT that you tried to help out, but you can’t bankrupt yourself to do so. You would have been better off just paying alimony, I would think.

    • kate mackay
    • December 16th, 2009

    Tara’s working right? Or is she still in school? So if you are paying for all of that, than you should live in the house with the kids, and she can have weekend visits. Or definitely downsize, get a cheaper car which would make insurance cheaper, a smaller house, etc…in this downturn, we should all learn how to make do with less STUFF, or merchandise, etc..and live off our credit less, put the credit cards away for emergencies, save up cash for big purchases, go without going to the mall, or walmart and buying STUFF, get a latte machine for about the price of one months worth of visits to Starbucks, visit thrift stores for work and play clothes, shoes, and boots. Women, teach yourselves to give each other manicures, or your own, big savings there. Stay away from processed food as much as possible, which is expensive and not usually as healthy as home cooked or raw. Use coupons!!!!!
    for food, entertainment, gas, whatever! Shop online for cheaper services like insurance, etc… Cut back on usage of communication technology, start to wean yourself from texting and tweeting–more time consuming than anything, and really, couldn’t a phone call or an email work just as good? Too many gadgets, too many toys, can really ramp up the stress level cause then you always have to get the latest, the new and improved versions, etc… which costs in start up fees, etc. My 6 year old digital camera still takes awesome pics, has a 300pic memory card, and still downloads onto my comp just fine. Do I want a new computer? of course! do I need a new computer? NO! Too many people are tying their happiness to gadgets and stuff, instead of doing like Zach is, and realizing that it is time and attention with your loved ones that make the difference, that make you happy, and CONTENT in your life.

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