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Videos of me and my kids at Great Grandpa’s Farm (and Great Grandpa)



The Farm in Wyoming with my kids

Here is the farm I grew up on, it has some of my favorite memories from my childhood, everything magical seemed possible on this place.  I took my friends out here and even stopped by with my friend PJ on our senior trip across America when we saved up our own money to drive from Washington State to North Caroline one summer.

I had the opportunity to share this magical place with my children this Thanksgiving and thought you all might like to see some of those memories as well.

My Grandfather’s farm (the kids’ Great Grandpa) was over 2000 acres before he sold it about 5 years ago.  The name of the farm was Mantua Farms and he had everything from barley for beer to sugar beets, alfalfa, and cattle.  My grandpa is one of the most wonderful male influences in my life, he served in WWII, and raised 3 kids on his farm.  He was tough and loving all at the same time.

Grandpa, I love you

Cold day in Powell, WY this morning at 7 A.M.

So, we are still on Tampa time and we woke up at around 5:30 am here in Powell (7:30 am Tampa time) and stayed inside until we couldn’t stand it any more.  Damn, it is cold outside.  We went to check out my cousin’s cows and the Old Mantua Farms sign that hung on my Grandfather’s farm for many decades until he sold the farm about 5 or 6 years ago.  I just thought we would share these photos with all of you.

Oh, and all the winding roads here in Wyoming scream for me to ride my motorcycle down them, but we flew so that is a trip for another day…

My friend Joe

My friend Joe was to go on a motorcycle ride with me last Saturday.  He ended up getting into what we all thought was a small wreck and breaking his leg, he messed up his bike and I spent ALL Saturday in the Emergency Room with him and even helped the Orthopedic Specialist to set Joe’s leg.

Everything was supposed to be ok, but on Sunday afternoon I got a call from Joe’s wife and he was taken by ambulance to the Hospital again.  This time he was not conscious and was in serious condition.

We are not sure what is going on but are all worried about him.  Please if you read this send Joe your prayers.  His wife is so very scared of losing him and all of us, his friends, family and co-workers have been sleeping and staying at the hospital to be with Joe and his wife as we wait for further details.

Joe, please get better.  God, please look over Joe and his family, I pray that your will is done.


Impromptu Visit

As a single man I am sure I just don’t get it.  The whole Twilight thing.  It is out and I had a last-minute request to watch my kids and my EX’s friend’s kid.  They were so excited (my ex and her friend) about the New Moon Twilight movie.  What’s the big deal?

Anyway, we (My 2 kids and my ex’s friend’s kid) are all sitting here watching the movie UP and waiting for the Pizza to be delivered.  Maybe you women out there can explain what the big deal with Twilight is?

Our day @ the Dentist

Yeah, all three of us had appointments.


When the kids leave…

Maybe other single fathers can tell me if they get the same feeling, but for me I am so very excited and happy when I have my kids.  I plan whole weekends full of fun, sometimes it is expensive, but mostly it is free.  Motorcycle rides with them, video games, writing together as a family and such.  I love them with my whole heart and now we come to the hard part.

They have to leave, it hurts every time.  I don’t show them how upset I am because I know that spending time with their mother is just as important but she gets them most of the time.  It is just hard any way you look at it.  This roller coaster of emotions I am sure is similar to what my children feel when they go between our houses.  To their credit though, they are doing so very well.  I am so damn proud of how they are handling the whole situation and I love them with all my heart.

Why does it have to be so hard?  I go from these amazing high feelings with my kids to feeling so sad when they go.  Like someone turned all the electricity to my home and what once was a bustling energetic home is now kind of an empty shell.  I am sure it gets easier with time but for now it is just hard…

I can’t help but compare my decisions and my life to that of my father at these times.  He left my mother and was still an amazing father and I love him with all my heart.  While he could have, he never had a single bad thing to say about my mother and for that I had so much more respect for him.  I strive to be that kind of father and so far I have succeeded.  I love my children and want the best for them.  I will be the best father I know how to be, I am just Zach, nothing more, nothing less.